is the distibutore Journal of italy in the ENGIS LTD and Hong Tuo. The brand Hong Chinese and Yours has become a world leader in building tools for sanding of holes, its production and dissemination in the world exceeds by far the larger manufacturers in the German American or the Italian rectify and aimed at in recent decenni. We have all the standard tools in the catalog of all the manufacturers of sanders and Lapping. We distribute abrasive stones in diamond and borazon for trim or finishing, on-demand tools are made according to application reviews.

The group American Engis is present 75 Years in the market for diamond tools. He is that is distributed according to the ISO9002 Nomatica Engis tools allow you to correct the errors of the form typical of the forum, such as roundness, cylindricity, rettinialita, cone-shaped, and the removal of large quantities of material with one stroke the unique characteristics that make Engis mondile leader in polishing a single rose.

ENGIS tools can be used to make through holes, holes with interruptions or keys, holes and Czechs any material ENGIS offers clients 75 years of experience in the world market in the honing of holes.

The tools can be mounted on any equipment.